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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does your fee include?
-All legal paperwork required for marriage registration within Australia
-Presentation Certificate on the day of wedding
-Delivery of ceremony
-All meetings required, including rehearsal
-Swift communication via phone and email
-Professional sound equipment 
What paperwork is needed?
-I complete and submit the Notice of Intended Marriage (for wedding ceremonies) this must be completed between 1 month and 18 months prior to your wedding date
-I complete & submit  the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (to be filled in as close to the wedding date as possible ie. at rehearsal)
-Official Marriage Certificate (presented on the day)*
What do I need to supply?
-A birth certificate or passport of bride and groom
-If you have been divorced I need to see divorce certificate
-If you are a widow/er I need to see death certificate
-I need to sight the originals and also be sent photocopies/scans of all documents
How do I book you?
-First, email or call me to discuss your wedding, you'll need to let me know the location and date you plan on having your ceremony so I can confirm if I'm available.
-Then, we meet in person (when possible) or via Skype if you are interstate/overseas so you can get to know me and I can get to know you both.
-I'll hold your wedding date for 14 days from the last time we spoke/emailed. If I haven't heard back from you your date/time may be released to another couple. This is in fairness to all couples.
When is payment required?
-If I'm the one you want to marry you i'll send you an invoice for the deposit which is $150 this will confirm your date/time.
-Full payment is required at least 7 days prior to the ceremony. 
What do you wear?
-I will ask you the style of your event and what you'd like me to wear. I have many options available; semi-formal black suit, blue or grey lounge suit, tuxedo, dinner suit, top hat & tails, shirt & bow tie and I take special requests!
How many weddings do you do in a day?
-Generally I only do one wedding per day, quite simply because it allows me to be fully focused on ensuring your wedding ceremony is perfect! If there's torrential rain and the ceremony is delayed by 30 minutes, I won't have to rush off anywhere.
-I will only take multiple booking in a day if the locations are close to one another and the ceremony times are spread far apart, ie. a 1pm ceremony and a 6pm ceremony.
What are your qualifications?
-I am a certified Civil Marriage Celebrant and registered with the Attorney Generals Department. As a celebrant I also complete yearly professional development training. I am a member of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. and Australian Bridal Industry Australia. 
-In terms of the writing and performance of your ceremony I hold a Bachelor of Theatre Theory and Practice. I have 15+ years of experience performing in front of people as an actor/presenter/performer both live theatre and for television.
Why did you become a marriage celebrant?
-I love people and hearing their stories - I also have a background as an actor/singer/presenter so find it very natural being up there in front of all your family and friends, leading your ceremony. I was married in 2015 and during our own engagement I made the decision to start studying. I was approved by the Attorney General whilst we were on our honeymoon! I have married over 100 couples and find it such a privilege to meet with so many wonderful couples.
What equipment are you able to bring?
-I use only the best brand sound equipment; Yamaha, Behringer, Sennheiser and Shure. 
-I have two professional sound systems, the larger one requires a power point and the smaller one can be operated by battery - both are very powerful
-I have a headset microphone and wireless handheld microphones for vows, reading etc
-Yes, you can use my sound system to play your ceremony music, I operate this myself.
-Also I provide a signing table on request.
When do you arrive at the ceremony?
-I arrive at the ceremony 1 hour before the start time. This ensures I have enough time to park, find the location, set up my equipment and do a sound check. 
What is your cancellation policy?
-I understand sometimes plans change, a full copy of my terms and conditions is supplied during the communication process.
*What's not included?
-The cost of your BDM marriage certificate. You will be given your official presentation certificate on the day which is a legal document. If you would like a BDM certificate there are different style options you may like to choose, you may be going straight on a honeymoon, changing addresses or want to track the postage yourself -which make it difficult if I order it for you. Not everyone wants or needs an additional certificate but if you do a copy of the actual marriage certificate is $53 and you will need to order that from Births Deaths and Marriages.
What happens if you're sick on the day?
-I have never had to cancel a ceremony nor have I ever been late. Once I am committed to your ceremony it is my priority. I am a very healthy young man but if a medical emergency caused me to be unconscious, in hospital, please rest assured I have a contingency plan in place. 
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